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eTow was founded in 2020, with a goal to connect motorists, service providers, insurance companies and other roadside assistance companies in a single platform.


A modern solution offering motorists swift and reliable assistance when in need.

We aim to fully digitize the roadside assistance industry in Singapore and within the region.

eTow provides a centralized towing service whereby customers in distress do not have to worry about long waiting times or availability of service.

Incorporating technology, eTow operates in a single platform where our users are able to geographically locate and directly contact available service providers nearest to their location. Providing a platform that is more familiar today.


eTow for Motorists


You don't have to breakdown when your vehicle does!


Fortunately for drivers, eTow has developed a technology that makes locating roadside assistance easier than ever before — simply press a button on your phone and watch as help arrives faster than ever before. 

Signing up for eTow is free. Drivers in need of a tow, a tire change, or any other roadside service may quickly request help through our mobile app. It's as simple as specifying the sort of service you require, the type of vehicle you own, and your location.


eTow got you covered- whether you have premium roadside assistance coverage with us or are just stranded and want a swift and hassle-free roadside assistance.






To request for towing or roadside assistance,  DOWNLOAD OUR FREE MOBILE APP NOW!

eTow for Service Providers

We at eTow, understand that towing and roadside service providers are the lifeline of Singapore's road. 


That's why we've spent so much time and effort developing technology that gives towing professionals the digital tools they need to be competitive, successful and connected to motorists in order to grow their companies. We believe in helping all service providers to achieve a higher job volume. Spending online advertisements on social platforms to get ahead of your competitors are a thing of the past. With eTow, we connect the nearest available service provider to a motorist in need. 


Service providers can now join eTow Partner for free!

Expect attractive job volumes, flexible payments, and no cost or risk to join. 

If you are a Service Provider and want to sign up with eTow,

kindly email us at

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